2023’s Top 15 Romantic “I Love You So Much” Quotes

If you’re looking for a new way to tell your partner you love them, try sending them a quote.

Read through this list of I love you so much quotes, and send them the one that resonates with you.

The one that makes you think, “This is exactly how I feel,” is the one to share.

1. “I like to be alone, but I would rather be alone with you.” 

While I enjoy socializing and meeting new people, at the end of a gathering or a party, what I want most is to be alone. But my girlfriend’s an exception. I can relax or recuperate with her, and I’m sure you feel the same with your partner. This is one the best “I love you so much” quotes for introverts.

2. “It was you who always felt like water when my whole body was a flame.” 

Poetry’s always up for interpretation. The way I read it, your partner’s your steady. The one you can depend on when you feel lost, afraid, stressed, or sad. When your emotions are all over the place, your partner is the reason you can breathe through it and make it to the next minute. A poem is one of the best ways to say I love you.

3. “When I say homesick, what I mean is I’m a long way from you and I can feel it.” 

Sometimes home isn’t a place. Being in a long-distance relationship, I can really relate to this quote. Whenever I finish an exhausting shift, I don’t think about how I’d love to drop myself in my bed and sleep. It’s always her arms. It’s her chest I’d love to lay my head on. Your partner’s skin, scent, arms—all of it becomes your home. When you’re away, you feel it in your chest.

4. “Your voice is my favorite sound.”

Simple but romantic. When you’re in love, even just the sound of your partner’s voice can make you smile. When you’re sad, it eases the pain in your chest. When you’re happy, it makes you feel even brighter. I love you can come packaged in a compliment that doesn’t use any of those three words.

5. “You, me, and a little bit of forever.” – 

Sometimes it’s as easy as that. A little, big promise. A lifetime together of growing up, late nights and pancakes at midnight, chaotically planning a wedding, finding jobs and paying taxes, afternoons featuring laughter that bounces off the walls, and more. A romantic quote for soulmates.

6. “There’s no hiding from your soulmate. They will find you, they will fall, and they will stay.” 

They’ll see you. Your good parts, your flaws, your grumpy mornings, your saddest weeks, your rises and downfalls, and no matter what, they’ll be there. Send this quote to your significant other, and they’ll immediately understand what you’re saying: I’m not going anywhere.

7. “One day, you will meet somebody who sees every inch of your being—soul, heart, body—and steps in a little bit closer to say, “I want more.” 

This makes a good add-on to the last quote. The best part about someone seeing all of you is when they want to see more. Your cries don’t make them want to run away, it makes them want to hold you closer. Your flaws become a reason they love you more. The best way to say I love you is to tell them—and show them—that you want more. A lot more. Always.

8. “You will be my last first kiss.” 

How did your first kiss with your SO happen? Mine was on a bench outside of the airport in Venice, Italy while we waited for the bus. She looked at me, took off her mask, then slowly removed mine before placing her lips on mine. It was kiss that made my heart feel like it was going to escape my ribs and run. A kiss worth writing about. My last first kiss. If your know your partner is yours, send them this romantic quote.

9. “I will love you until the end of the days, until I draw my final breath. Until the hands of time cease forever. And even then I will find a way to mouth your name.” Sometimes love feels too big and deep to fit into one lifetime. So tell your partner that yours will exceed even that. Like my girlfriend told me once, “Forever would underestimate how long I want to be with you.”

10. “Every part of me refuses to be anything other than in love with you.” 

You feel it instantly—a stubborn love that you couldn’t possibly not feel. Even when you go to sleep angry with them, it’s there. When you’re far away, it’s there. When you’re bored at work or happy while hanging out with friends, it’s there. There’s no choice, no other option or alternative: it simply exists. A light that ignites every inch of your body.

11. “Together we will show the world you and I are not that hard to love.” 

Your person should make you feel like you’re easy to love. Despite the doubts in your head about yourself, they can dispel them with a look, a hug, words upon words. All of the things that others found complicated or difficult or annoying are simple, easy, and lovable to them. It’s second-nature. They do it without thinking. And hopefully, so do you.

12. “I want to have simple perfect days with you.” – my girlfriend

She texted me this one day on WhatsApp, and I instantly favorite it so I could remember. It was the easiest way to tell me she loved me. By reminding me that love existed in the ordinary: a Tuesday night spent at home, cuddling and kissing under blankets while watching movies. A Sunday morning eating pancakes and sweet potato fries. A Thursday afternoon taking a nap on the couch.

13. “I see you so clearly and I’ve never wanted anything as much.” – 

I love you so much can look like I want you. This romantic quote says what we all need to hear sometimes. Your partner knows you love them, but do they know how much you wish they were with you right now? Do they know you’re excited about your date on Friday night? Do they know you just love hanging out? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Send this quote and tell them anyway.

14. “And then I met you.” 

Not the start of a new chapter, but the start of a new story entirely. You and them, together. Because sometimes you don’t even have to explain how they changed your life, how they helped you fly, how put you on a new path, toward a different future. This quote explains it all. And it comes packaged with a sappy smile and look of love.

15. “In the right love we will discover a new love for ourselves.”

People always say you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Maybe that’s true to a certain extent, but the reality is, I’ve never loved myself more than right now. My partner has helped me discover and unlock new and exciting parts of myself. There’s another great quote that goes with this one:

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