Morning Routine That Can Se The Day For You In 2023


Ruchika swears by the following morning routine that can set the day for you:

1. Once you wake up, make your bed and do not touch your phone.

2. Give yourself half an hour to have a detox drink(preferably honey, lemon and lukewarm water) and freshen up.

3. Start with basic breathing and stretching exercises for half an hour. Your Breathing exercises should include stomach breathing (you inhale, hold and exhale the same amount of air), while stretching should comprise various yoga poses such as surya namaskar or the snake pose.

Yoga is the best way to stay in shape. 

4. Chant ‘Om’ observing your breaths and meditate for at least 15 minutes. Inhale and exhale with awareness.

5. Have a fruit bowl as your first meal. The fruit bowl should have one or two fruits, yoghurt, chia seeds, flax seeds, and almonds.

6. Once you are done with this basic routine you can go for a workout session. It can include practicing martial art poses (such as kalaripayattu and tai chi) or cardiovascular exercises.

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