Mopping And Sweeping: Give A Twist To Warm-Up Routine With Household Chores(2023)

Household chores which can be great warm-up exercises:

1. Mopping instead of duck-walk

Don’t use a standing mop, but instead go Indian style by squatting and then mopping the floor. This will work on the same areas as a duck-walk exercise would do and will also engage your arms as you stretch them to wipe the floor. This will work on your quads and belly fat.

2. Sweeping instead of squats

As you bend your body and stretch your arms to clean every nook and cranny of your house, you are surprisingly engaging your glute muscles and stretching your body. This helps you work on your glutes just like a couple of squats would do. However, don’t forget to keep that tummy in and your core muscles engaged as you sweep the house.

Broom your house to get that fit body! 

3. Washing clothes instead of bicep curls

Washing clothes with hands or by using a thapi (pallet) can turn out to be a good replacement of the bicep curls. While you rinse and squeeze the clothes, your whole arm is engaged, especially the muscles in your upper arm. This will help in strengthening your arm muscles.

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