6 Benefits of Half Moon Pose In 2023/24

In Ardha Chandrasana, or Half Moon Pose, beginners may find themselves seeking a few tips to ensure a smooth and beneficial practice. Here are some handy tips to help beginners find their balance and align their bodies gracefully in the Half Moon Pose:

  • Beginners may find it challenging to touch the floor with their lower hand while maintaining balance in the Half Moon Pose. Using a block can provide the necessary support and stability.
  • As you grow more comfortable and your balance improves, you can gradually lower the block to its middle and then its lowest height.
  • Balancing can be tricky for beginners, so keeping your gaze straight ahead can help in maintaining stability.
  • In case you find yourself side-bending excessively while balancing a half moon pose to reach the floor, place a block under your bottom hand to provide the right alignment without straining your body.

These beginner-friendly tips are designed to help ease into the pose and gradually build the strength and balance necessary for Ardha Chandrasana. By staying attentive to your body’s needs and making use of props like blocks, you can effectively embrace and enjoy the benefits of this graceful pose.

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