Half Moon Pose Variations And Modifications

The Half Moon yoga pose is a dynamic pose that can be adjusted to suit practitioners of varying levels of expertise. Several modifications and variations can help in making this pose accessible and enjoyable. Here, we explore three such adaptations.

1. Half Moon Pose on a Chair

Practicing Ardha Chandrasana with a chair can alleviate pressure on the lower back.


  1. Place your hand or forearm on the seat of a chair.
  2. Lift your leg up to a comfortable height.
  3. Extend your top hand to the ceiling or rest it on your hip.
  4. Choose to look down, straight ahead, or upwards.

2. Half Moon Pose with the Knee Down

This variation emphasizes strengthening while easing the balance aspect of the pose.


  1. Start on the floor with one knee down.
  2. Extend the bottom shin straight behind you like a kickstand.
  3. Engage in the pose, focusing on muscle engagement rather than balance.

3. Half Moon Pose with a Chair and a Block

Combining the use of a chair and a block can provide additional support and comfort.


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