Mix Different Workout Regime! Tips To Help You In The Process(2023)

1. Analyse your training regime

In order to understand what needs to change, you first need to understand how exactly you are training currently. Try and analyse what exactly is the primary focus area of the training regime that you are accustomed to.

For instance, is it based on strength training or aesthetics, endurance building or aerobics? This will help you better comprehend what you need to further add to your training or eliminate.

Rejig your routine. 
2. Define your goals

Changing your training strategy randomly will get you the exactly same result—random. The next thing that you need to do (after your training analysis) is to figure out what your intended goals are. See how your current training regime takes you towards these goals. Further, check what other workouts can act as a catalyst in achieving the same. Just make sure that they can be harmoniously incorporated into your existing training strategy without any negative repercussions

3. Bring variation

This one is relatively simple. All you need to do is contrast your basic training style with its polar opposite. For instance, if your general workout is slow (as in the case of endurance training), bring agility. You can do this by doing the same workout faster or introducing a new workout that forces you to go speed up. Remember, your true competition is with the person who you were yesterday. If you really wish to be dynamic, you need to leave that person a step behind… each and every day.

4. Consult,if the need be

Whenever you feel confused, feel free to ask a professional for help. However, you must carefully choose the person while asking such questions. It is always better to consult a person who understands your challenges rather than taking suggestions from people who are not well-versed with such problems. Asking an expert will further ensure that you, knowingly or unknowingly, don’t create complications for yourself in the longer run.

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