4 Signs The Sigma Male is Mentally Breaking Down

Mental breakdown is a serious concern. Nobody is immune to it, not even the sigma male. And people are mentally breaking down everyday.


Except you pay attention to your stress level, you may not even know that you are mentally breaking down. 


The lone wolves care so much about their wellbeing and state of mind, and can easily tell when they have exceeded their limit. 


They know that doing your best doesn’t actually mean you should work yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. 


But it happens once in a while. 


If you have been wondering whether the lone wolves  can have a mental breakdown or not, this article is for you. 


Gentlemen, this is going to be an interesting article, so sit tight and get ready for a ride. 


There are instances when the sigma males will feel tired, foggy, and find it difficult to concentrate. 


It could come in the form of depression and sometimes affect their ability to sleep well at night or make them sleep too much. 


Of course, these things can happen once in a while. But when they become a routine, it could be an indication that the lone wolf is having a mental breakdown. 


What Exactly is a Mental Break Down?

Mental Breakdown is the same as nervous breakdown. It’s not considered a mental illness. 


It’s a period when an overwhelming amount of stress affects people’s ability to function. 


To the sigma males, the symptoms of a mental breakdown can suddenly appear, and when they do nothing about it, it could degenerate into something more serious. 


So, here are 4 signs the sigma male is mentally breaking down; 


#1. When They Sleep Too Much or Not Sleeping Enough 


Generally, the lone wolves love having a healthy sleep. 

But when they suddenly start spending their night tossing and turning with no relief. 


Or they sleep more than necessary. Even when their alarm wakes them, they snooze it for an additional five minutes, and another one, and another until they eventually wake up by 5 pm.




Although we have all had too much sleep at some point in our life, when it becomes a routine, the sigma male sees it as an early sign of mental breakdown. 


When at this stage, it means that his brain is too overactive at night with stress. 


He may even be playing out situations or scenarios in his head that he’s stressed beyond imagination. 


But once the lone wolf notices that his sleeping habit is inconsistent.


He may decide to unwind before bed; he could read a book or drink cup of tea, especially if he can’t get enough sleep. 

#2. Brain Fog 

Calm down, Brain fog is not actually medical condition. It’s a term used when someone has several symptoms that affect their ability to think. 


Ordinarily, sigma males are great thinkers with a high level of concentration. 


But when they start having difficulty concentrating or have become indecisive and disoriented lately, it’s a symptom of brain fog. 


It’s an indication that they have stressed themselves and will need some time off to enable them to function better. 


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#3. Difficulty in Breathing 

Difficulty in breathing is one of the most neglected signs of mental breakdown. 


Once the sigma males start feeling tightness in their chest or breath rapidly, it could be a sign of mental breakdown. 


Okay, let’s do a quick experiment. 


Pay attention to your breathing right now. 


I’m waiting as you do it. 


What do you think?


Are you breathing calm and relaxed? Or are you having difficulty breathing?


If you are having difficulty breathing, it could be a sign of stress and you are mentally breaking down. 


Like you already, sigma males are not superhumans or demigods. 


Stress can affect them as well, in fact, it can get the best of them. And sometimes, anxiety finds the sigma male when he least expects it. 


So, how you breathe can tell a lot about your mental health. And slowing down your breathing and relaxing may relieve some of your stress. 


Let’s try it together.

Take a deep breath. 


One, two, three, out, one, two, three…


Guess you are feeling better now? Because I am

#4. Physical Pain

Physical pain is a common sign of mental breakdown. It could come in the form of constant headaches and stomach aches. 


The sigma males know that these physical pain could be triggered by overwhelming stress. Depending on your body system, it could just be a light headache or a blaring migraine. 


However, if these pains seem to be more serious, it’s best to talk to a doctor. 


Have you had a mental breakdown recently?


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