Mental Health Tips For Parents Who Has Opted For Surrogacy(2023)

Mental health tips for parents who have opted for surrogacy

Practice mindfulness meditation:
Mindfulness, the ability of a human to be fully present in a given moment, has benefits that calm one’s mind and body. Meditation and exercise regularly help in effectively dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. It may seem low-priority as new parents, but doing so will improve your mental and emotional state and keep post-surrogacy depression at bay to help you to continue caring for your family. Adding regular mindfulness meditation through Yoga into your schedule will help to feel physically healthy and lessen your chances to be overly reactive or overwhelmed by stressful surroundings.

Reconnecting and support:
Amid those edgy days, it is important to take some time out to reconnect with your partner and lean on emotional support from loved ones. It will deepen ties and form a more stable foundation to handle anything that comes along to bring a healthy and sound baby into the world. Find support groups and talk to people who have had similar experiences. Ask them about their experiences with post-surrogacy depression and who did they overcome them. Seek the help of an emotional and mental well-being coach if needed, preferably those who have experience with postpartum depression and surrogacy.

The last words

Standing at the crossroads may feel like other things are more important than taking care of your mental well-being, but do remember that nothing is more important than taking care of yourself.

Start the journey of parenthood by tending to your needs and becoming the happiest and the healthiest version of yourself.

In surrogacy, mental health is a critical piece of the puzzle that among all others must be treated with professional care. Taking care of your emotional, mental, and physical well-being will be the best gift that one can give to their newborn child!

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