Menstruation Products: Health Risks Of Using Expired Menstruation Products(2023)

Health risks associated with using expired menstruation products

Sanitary pads and tampons mostly have a five-year expiration date while menstrual cups can last for several years. But it is recommended to replace the cup every 1 or 2 years, especially if it has any holes or tears. So, it’s always good to check the expiration dates and steer clear of using out-of-date menstruation products. That’s because using menstruation products that have expired might have unfavourable side effects, says Dr Kalra. Products that are past their expiration date might no longer be able to absorb menstrual flow, leading to leakage and discomfort. Period products that have expired might contain germs, increasing the risk of bacterial infection.

Here are some of the health problems you might have to deal with:

1. Rashes

Rashes are a result of using expired sanitary pads and tampons. Rashes occur because of expiration of the chemicals in the pads or tampons, says the expert.

2. Abnormal vaginal discharge

A woman can experience abnormal vaginal discharge while using an expired menstruation product. This might be because of the fungal infection around the vagina due to the usage of expiry products.

3. Skin allergy

Skin allergy is another health risk of using expired sanitary pads. This happens due to the fungal infection caused while using outdated products.

4. Toxic shock syndrome

This can be a rare result of using an expired tampon. It occurs when bacterial infection gets into the bloodstream, says Dr Kalra.

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