Menstruation: Menstruation Hygiene Tips To Follow During Menstrual Period(2023)

Menstruation hygiene tips To Follow During Menstrual Cycle

It’s not just getting rid of outdated period products, menstruation hygiene is a lot more than that.

1. Change the pad or tampon at regular intervals

If you are using a menstrual cup, you don’t have to change it after every three or four hours. But in case of a  sanitary pad or tampon, you should change after every four to five hours to stay clean and reduce your risk of contracting any infections. The expert says that when menstruation begins, the presence of blood and warmth causes your vagina to draw numerous types of bacteria from your body. Bacteria simply grows and that can cause unwanted rashes, skin irritation or a urinary tract infection.

2. Wash your vagina thoroughly

Cleanse your private part after taking off your cups, pads or tampons. If you don’t, there could be an increase in the number of bacteria. All you need to do is wash the vagina’s exterior with lukewarm water then the vagina will take care of the rest as it cleans itself, says the expert.

3. Use single sanitation method

When there is excessive flow, women occasionally use two different sanitation techniques simultaneously. For instance, some women concurrently use sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups and even two pads on occasion. While this can prevent your clothing from becoming stained, a good amount of blood buildup could result in the emergence of dangerous bacteria. So, using one sanitary pad and changing it frequently is preferable.

Make sure you are following these tips and not using expired menstruation products to avoid unwanted health problems!

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