Massage Gun Can Help You Relax Your Muscles! Health Benefits Of Massage Gun(2023)

Here are some benefits of using a massage gun:

Fitness and nutrition expert Sonia Bakshi from DtF says that a massage gun is an amazing find. If you are into fitness, she recommends you to have it. She lists some benefits of massage gun:

1. Stiffness in muscle is basically caused when the blood flow is restricted. This happens because post-workout there is hardly any movement in a day. Massage gun increases blood circulation which allows more oxygen to reach the muscles and hence relaxes your muscles.

2. They heal atrophied muscles and allow faster healing with more flexibility.

3. “Using a massage gun under the permissible time can also calm down the body because it helps in the release of lactic acid build up in the body after intense exercise,” says Sonia Bakshi.

4. Massage gun relieves stress and relaxes the body by releasing tension and fluid deep in the muscles to increase tissue metabolism.

Stiff muscles can make you less productive. 

5. They deeply massage collagen fibers to relieve constriction and alleviate pain.

However, it is important to know that a massage gun should not be used if one is hurt and has any sort of swelling. If used, it can make the injury worse and further damage the injured tissue, or even increase the swelling. This will delay healing time and may cause more pain.

“People with hypertension (high BP), arthritis, varicose veins, autoimmune conditions (lupus, multiple sclerosis, etc), or those with muscle disorders should refrain from using a massage gun. Also, it should not be used on joints, bones, and any part of the spine. Use it only after a workout and not more than 2 minutes per muscle group,” recommends Sonia Bakshi.

Flex better with a massage gun. 

So, stop ditching the gym just because your muscles are sore. Just press a massage gun against the muscles and let the magic begin!

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