3 Ways to Weather Challenging Seasons In Marriage

What’s true in Canada is true in marriage. When you get married, you need to know that every couple faces difficult seasons. But in the same way we can do simple things to prepare for the extreme cold, we need to know the challenges in marriage and how to overcome them. Here are 3 ways to overcome challenges in marriage.

1. Have the right tools.

Part of getting set for winter means dusting off our winter gear; from mittens and boots to shovels and winter tires, we need to make sure we have the right tools on hand to face the cold and snow. In a similar manner. These tools include good communications skills so we can express our needs and hurts, a humble attitude that quickly asks for forgiveness, and a willingness to forgive when we are asked. Having these tools sharpened and readily at hand will make it much easier to face any marital struggle.

2. Stay connected.

Cars in Canada come with block heaters, a small warming element we plug in on cold days and nights that warms the oil pan. This makes it easier to start our vehicles on the really cold days. We need to sit with them, talking and listening to them regularly, even at the end of a busy day. We need to make time with them a priority, going out on regular dates. Investing in our marriages like this will mean we’re better connected whenever marital challenges come along.

3. Be ready to do the hard work.

I know that in the winter, there are days I’m going to have to go outside and shovel a lot of heavy, wet snow off my driveway. I might even have to do it multiple times on the same day. We also need to be ready to put in the work required to weather the storms of a marriage. Facing these together can be hard, but when we accept the fact that certain seasons of marriage require more effort than others, we are better prepared for whatever challenges our marriages will face.

“Recognize the community around you, and be quick to ask for (and accept) their help.”

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