How a man without money can make a woman happy

how a man without money can make a woman happy without money

How a man without money can make a woman happy

Hi guys. Today on relationship matters, we’ll be looking at how a man can keep his woman happy without having/spending money.

His woman in this sense could be a girl he’s dating or his wife. It’s something almost impossible to achieve because there is a level of happiness that can only be gotten from money.

It’s no news that every woman needs money to take good care of herself and do other things. As a man, if you can’t provide a reasonable amount of money for your woman, you may be seen as a liability or someone who has lost his entitlement to be referred to as a man.

This ideology has eaten deep into the society that it’s normal to see a guy working his ass out just to put food on the table and take good care of his wife and children.

However, if you are one who due to the present situation of things have lost the ability to provide for your woman, all hope is not lost. There are other things you just need to start doing more to keep your woman happy. Though, this doesn’t mean you won’t try to start making money again. It only takes that undying love to see anyone who would stick with a man who can’t take care of a woman for a long time.

So, what are these things you should start doing more for you to keep your wife happy?


5 ways a man without money can keep a woman happy


1. Put in effort

This is very important. Let your woman see that you are putting effort to provide for the family. It will give are joy even if she might not admit it. It’s one thing to not be able to provide, it’s another not to try to provide.


2. Be honest

Every woman loves an honest man. In the absence of money, honesty can go a long to keeping your woman happy.


3. Make her dinner

At least, lack of time is no longer a reason for you not to show how romantic you can be. You can make her dinner using date settings to surprise her. This will put a smile in your woman’s face.


4. Do more house chores

You can’t be idle and still not do anything, right? So get up from that chair/bed and do more house chores. This is one of the few ways you can keep your woman happy without spending a dime.

5. Compliment her

Learn to always compliment her even for the littlest of things. It’s one trick that works perfectly. Girls love to be complimented. However, make sure whatever you say comes from your heart.


These and other things can be done to keep a woman happy even without money. Also, learn to respect her. These little things matter a lot. Stay safe.


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