5 Things Every Man Should Do In 2023/2024

Death has an interesting way of reminding us of the lives we are currently living. As men, we are not meant to live boring lives but lives full of adventure and challenge. So here’s a challenge—20 things every man should do at least once. Nothing on this list will make you more or less of a man, but each will teach you things about the world and yourself.

1. Catch a fish.

There is something exhilarating about having a tight line on a fishing pole and bringing in fish.

2. Hike a mountain.

When you start, it seems impossible to reach the top, but when you get there, you find out  it was worth every step.

3. Cook something foreign to you.

I learned how to make tortillas and I appreciate the process more when I order them at a restaurant.

4. Cook a perfect steak.

I like mine medium rare and it is a beautiful thing when you slice into a perfect steak that you cooked yourself.

5. Sharpen a knife.

In order to make a knife sharp and useful, it must first pass over a hard stone with precision and technique. Mastering this reminds us of the hard times we go through. They will make us dull if we resist but if not, they will sharpen us.


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