3 reliable tricks to make your girl crush chase you


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3 reliable tricks to make your girl crush chase you

Hi guys. Today on relationship matters, we’ll be taking a look at “3 reliable tricks a man can use on any woman to make crave your attention”.

It’s very normal to see a guy chase a girl in this present generation we find ourselves. Do you know that the reverse can also be the case? Yeah, it can. On one condition though, you have to play your card right.

Let go of the assumption that a woman will only chase a guy who’s wealthy. That’s absolutely not true. Making a woman chase you is not as difficult as it may sound, trust me. Women do sense vibe and how you carry yourself will go a long way in attracting them.

If you want women to chase you, follow these 3 reliable tips and see the result for yourself.


3 reliable tricks to make a girl chase you


  1. First impression matters

The very first impression a woman gets about a man goes a long way to determine where the woman will place him in her life. Breath confidence all over you when you meet her for the first time. Also, flow with the conversation and be in charge. She’ll love this and you’ll earn some respect for that. Don’t make the mistake of always thinking of what to say. In a nutshell, possess that bad guy trait with good boy characteristics if you know what I mean. Be your real self and don’t fake what you are not. By doing this, she’ll want to know more about the misery behind you.


  1. Don’t always be there

By doing these, you’re not making things too easy for her. This is the right thing to do. Let her see that you have a life outside her. Let her know you are a happy man  even without her presence. It’s good to always check up on her, no doubt. However, it shouldn’t be done excessively. As we all know, too much of anything is bad. Leave her to live her life every now and then and she’ll be craving your attention. Reasons being that women love ambitious guys and they know one when they see one. Lastly, don’t overdo these so you won’t lose her even before you have her completely.


  1. Ask the right questions

This can also be tagged under the first impression though. However, while the first impression has to do with day 1 of meeting her, this one goes as long as the first one week. Learn to ask the right questions. Don’t be seen as an interrogator al because you want to know things about a girl as fast as possible. Learn to take things slowly. Avoid questions like are you a virgin, what’s your body count, do you have a boyfriend etc except the conversation leads to such questions. Rather ask questions like what are your hobbies? Where do you school? What are your dreams? These questions show that you care about her general well being while the latter shows that you care only about her body. So, I’ll advise you ask the right questions so you’ll get her running heads over heels for you.


Thanks, guys. That’s as much as we can take on the topic “3 reliable ways to make a girl chase you”. Kindly leave your comments below and please hit the share button.


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