Major Reasons Why You Feel Hungry After A Gym Session(2023)

Why you may feel hungry after a gym session?

To help you consume the right nutrients after a workout, let us first understand why you feel hungry after an enriching gym session.

Tips to optimise your post-workout meal. 
  • Endurance exercises consume the glycogen that is stored in the muscles and reduction can make you feel hungry.
  • ‘Hunger hormones’ or Ghrelin are released while exercising, which can make you hungry.
  • Exercising also results in the dispensation of endorphins that makes you prone to hunger as your body is calm and stress-free.
  • While exercising, your energy disbursement spikes up, leading to hunger. So, if you work out on an empty stomach, you feel hungry as the body searches for substitute energy to replace the calories burnt during a workout.

How post-workout meal helps?

Carbohydrates after your workout help restores the glycogen stored in the muscles. Also, a post-workout meal helps in reducing muscle protein breakdown that is a result of the exercises. So, proteins after your workout help in repairing and rebuilding the tissues that have broken down during exercising and aid in better muscle growth and strength.

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