Lung Cancer: Common Symptoms Of Lung Cancer(2023)

Common symptoms of lung cancer

Here are some of the most common symptoms of lung cancer you be aware of, according to the expert:
1. If you have persistent cough that worsens or does not go away, you need to check with a doctor.
2. Many are aware that if you cough up blood or rust-colored sputum, it’s a possible sign of lung cancer.
3. There are times when you get chest pains, but sometimes they get worse when you laugh, cough or take deep breaths.
4. Hoarseness of voice does not always mean it’s just a sign of cold.
5. Love eating, but have been showing less interest in eating and losing appetite? Yadav thinks it could be a lung cancer symptom.
6. Weight loss generally means happy news for people. But when you don’t do much to lose weight, and experience unusual weight loss then you should worry.
7. On a day-to-day basis, you don’t think much about breathing as it happens naturally. But facing breathing difficulties could be another lung cancer symptom.
8. Doing a lot of physical activities could make you feel tired. But feeling tired and weak all the time, calls for a visit to the doctor.

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