Low Intensity Exercises For Elders(2023)

Low-intensity exercises for elders

Start with low-intensity exercises that only slightly increase your heart and breathing rate. These exercises are suitable for elders with a range of medical conditions that make exertion particularly difficult or dangerous.

1. Walking

The most standard low-intensity cardio activity is walking. Walking at a slow pace during standard activities, such as shopping, counts toward your weekly goal. If your health and stamina improve, you might consider increasing the pace or length of your walks.

2. Climb stairs

Climb a specific flight of stairs every day, monitor how you feel afterward, and continue at the same pace. Exercising is not a contest. It is important to only do things that your body can accept.

3. Stretch

Do freehand stretching without exerting yourself too much. Be careful of any previous strains and pains if there are, and do consult with your physician before you start this.

4. Swimming

Recreational swimming is another low-intensity cardio exercise that reduces joint strain, but make sure to prepare your body for this.

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