Love Language Test For Couples

After reading this article, you will understand love language test for couples.

Do you still feel that the idea of “Love Language” is cliché?

You go, “Love shouldn’t have a language. that’s opportunistic.”

But why do you feel that way?

Probably because someone once took advantage of or abused your love in the past.

But, Love Language is not cliche.

In fact, the concept is in place to help you love better, to help you give love to your partner in a way best received.

Take a minute of your time and imagine how differently things would have went if you applied the knowledge of Love Language to your previous relationship.

Pretty different, right?

This is why people should participate in Love Language Tests for Couples before or during their relationship. This will enable them love their partner in a way they would appreciate the most.

With Love Language Tests for Couples, you can be able to make loving you effortless thus relieving your partner the stress of thinking you are difficult to love or understand.

Love Language Test for Couples – What is the Concept of Love Language?

For a start, you may wonder how the concept of love language come about. Well, here’s your answer;

Dr Gary Demonte Chapman, an American author and radio talk show host (born on January 10, 1938) first used the term – love language

Dr Gary is renowned for his The Five Love Languages series regarding human relationships in 1992.

It was in the book that he created the term “love languages” to explain the radically different ways we convey and accept love.

However, the good news about the love languages is that they aren’t just for romance! You can apply the love languages to appreciate people in business, to support friends, and to show a partner you care.

With the existence of Love Language Tests, there are five proven ways you can shower your partner with love which would be more felt and appreciated.

#1. Quality Time

Quality time entails spending enough lone time together enjoying each other’s company.

People whose love language is quality time desires alone time with their partners and would want to catch up with them on recent happenings and bonding in the process.

You need alone time if you find yourself constantly craving to be with just your partner, hearing from them via phone call or texts don’t prove effective at this point.

Your desires remain unsatisfied if you are not able to get the quality time with your loved one as you need.


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#2. Physical Touch

Physical touch entails showing love through cuddling, hugging, being intimate, caressing or simply putting a caring hand on someone’s shoulder.

People who crave physical touch would always want you to hug them, cuddle them, lay on their body and have tendencies of showing and expecting Public Displays of Affection (PDA) as a proof of love.

They want you to demonstrate your love by holding their hands in public or be sweet on them just like Justin Bieber is on Hailey every time they are spotted together.

Physical touch suffices if you feel lonely and lost especially because you have not been physically near a loved one.

You constantly desire to be close to those you care about. And you demonstrate your love for them with hugs, rubs, and sometimes by simply sitting next to them.

#3. Giving/Receiving Gifts

Ordinarily, one would think that this is the most expensive love language.

 It isn’t.

Ever heard of the saying that the price of the gift doesn’t matter. But the thoughtfulness put into acquiring the gift?

Exactly! A purple hair clip with butterfly designs would be appreciated more by a partner whose favourite colour is purple. And who thinks her spirit animal is butterfly than an animal skin Gucci purse worth millions.

The love language of gifts does not require opulent expensive gifts. It can be cards, flowers, or sending lunch. These small gifts would be appreciated as tokens of love.

People who need gifts feel appreciated when you spend money and/or time picking out something for them.

It’s a game of thoughtfulness, not money.

Probably, you belong to this class of people of you look forward to thanksgiving and other festive seasons to see what your partner would get you.

#4. Acts of Service

Acts of service are deposits into the love account when someone performs an action for the other. This can be cleaning, cooking, or even running an errand. By doing that act of service, the other person feels love or shows love.

People who need acts of service sometimes will ask their loved ones for favors, not just to ease to ease their workload, but rather because they need the affirmation of the other person’s love.

If your partner belongs to this category, don’t be surprised when you see him/her blinking back tears when they find out that you helped with their homework or arranged their workspace.

Acts of service tend to suffice if you feel unwanted or unimportant, if someone does not follow through on a promise, or if someone doesn’t do something you asked.

#5. Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are verbal clues for others to express how much they love and care about someone.  They can also come as compliments and reassurances that confirm inner love in an outer way.

People whose love language is words of affirmation need to hear from the people they love frequently, and, to feel loved, they need to hear out loud what the other person is thinking.

You’re someone like this if you find yourself always craving to hear from your partner to get reassurance from them.  People who want words of affirmation might also desire compliments because this is the way they feel most loved.

Essentially, people have one main love language and one secondary one. Knowing this is prior as it helps add spice to relationships between couples, parents, colleagues, clients.

It enables you know which way to express and channel your love to your loved ones.

This article must have helped you understand love language and its types.

However, if you wish to engage in Love Language Tests for Couples, after acquiring the primary knowledge this article is laden with, there are platforms that asks questions and helps you know which one is yours

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