Love Bombing: Know What Love Bombing Is All About(2023)

What Is Love Bombing?

Every bomb needs a spark, and that’s just what you get when you meet the Love Bomber.

This act requires excessive adoration with words, gifts, and actions. It’s beyond a friendly “Good morning” text every day. On the surface, love bombing looks like:

    • Compliments: They shower you with compliments. You are the most beautiful/handsome person they’ve ever met. You are brilliant, they say repeatedly. They gaze at you with the awe of seeing Jesus himself walk through the room.
    • All-Consuming: They text or call all the time. They want to see you every night. They stop by during their lunch hours because they couldn’t “stand being away from you one more minute.” 
    • Gifts: You said you liked candles, and now you have the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale in your living room. You once mentioned you loved Nicholas Sparks, and they begin to quote lines as they hand you an autographed version of The Notebook. Jewelry, flowers, and maybe even a new puppy make their way to your door.
    • Declarations:  On date three, you start to say, “I love this restaurant.” They cut you off by saying, “I love you, too!”  Bonus points to the bomber who realizes the breach of etiquette and states they know it’s too early to say something like that, but they “couldn’t help themselves!”
    • Similarities: You like making dinner in your pajamas while watching Golden Girl re-runs, and it turns out THEY DO TOO! You have always wanted to rock climb, and they happen to know the best place for beginners.

At this point, your dopamine and endorphins rush through your body like Niagara Falls. The only “falls” coming are the “love bombing then pulling away” stage.

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