Love Being A Couch Potato? Do These Exercise While Watching TV(2023)

Here’s a list of exercises that you can do while watching TV:

1. Single leg circle

Pilates is a great combination of both stretching and cardio. It is a form of strength building exercise that does not require much equipment, and can easily be practiced by beginners on their bodyweight, suggests Behl of The Tribe. Single leg circle happens to be a great Pilates exercise.

• Lay down flat on your mat.
• Extend your leg as straight as possible.
• Lift your leg straight up and down and maintain balance while doing so.
• Repeat the same steps on your other leg. Also, ensure that your back is straight and not arched.

2. Tadasana or mountain pose

If you are looking for all-rounder exercise for any age group, yoga is the perfect choice. It is something that helps you physically, mentally and even spiritually, says the expert. While it is suggested to practice yoga in the morning, Behl believes that a workout done at any time is better than no workout done at all.  So, a slow 30-minute yoga session is a good way to begin, especially if you have muscle or joint problems. Tadasana is simple and great for your body too.

• Stand with your feet separated.
• Straighten and lengthen your spine while tucking the pelvis in.
• Roll your shoulders away and down from your ears. Bring your shoulder blades as close as you can.
• Inhale and swing your arms over your head and lengthen your torso.
• Press the soles of your feet firmly into the floor and breathe.
• In the end, lift your heels and come on your toes.

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy. 

3. Kicks

Sitting idle can be detrimental for your health. It is a dance workout, which is basic and fun. It only needs a little bit of practice which you can do whenever you are free. Dance workout helps to release the happy hormones, and also helps in keeping you healthy and fit.

  •  Step with one foot and use the other leg to kick.
  • Raise the leg higher with practice, but start slow to avoid any injuries.

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