Understanding Love On the Internet In 2023

As i said last week,, everyone hates online dating.

“Dating apps are exhausting!”

“Men’s profiles have so little information!”

“Their text messages are so boring!”

“They’re so aggressive and want to meet instantly!”

“They’re so passive and will text you forever without asking you out!”

“They’re so flaky and will ghost you for no reason!”

“They’re always looking for the next best thing: someone younger, prettier, or more impressive.”

“They don’t even KNOW what they’re looking for.”

This is true. As a dating coach, I can even explain WHY it’s true:

  • Dating apps leave little room for the written word.
  • With no information, it’s hard for men to make clever conversation.
  • With only photos to go on, men overvalue looks over substance.
  • Since men make the first move, they’re rejected more and push harder to meet ASAP before you disappear.
  • Since women reject over 90% of men, men have to swipe on more women just to get a first date.
  • If a man is texting 10+ women at once, he still has one Saturday night to offer, so he may not ask you out as quickly as you’d like.
  • Men have infinite options and “approaching” you only requires a swipe, so it’s not surprising that he’s looking for other women.


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