Understanding the Variations And Modifications of Lizard Pose

Lizard Pose, known for its hip-opening benefits, has variations that can enhance flexibility, strength, and awareness. Let’s explore some of these variations and modifications to cater to different levels of yoga practitioners.

Parivrtta Utthan Pristhasana (Twisted Lizard Pose):

This variant adds a revolved aspect of the traditional Lizard Pose, deepening the stretch and engaging the core with a twist.

Steps to Twisted Lizard Pose:

1. Begin in the standard Lizard Pose with your right foot forward.

2. Place your left hand on the mat directly under your shoulder and twist your right upper body towards the right thigh.

3. Reach your right hand towards the ceiling, following the twist of your upper body, opening your chest.

4. Hold this position, then repeat on the opposite side for balance.

Baddha Utthan Pristhasana (Bound Lizard Pose)

This intense variation involves a bind, promoting shoulder flexibility while maintaining the deep hip opening of the Lizard Pose.


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