Best 4 Beginners Tips to Perform Lizard Pose In 2023

Here’s how beginners can ease into the Lizard position with awareness and proper alignment to maximize its benefits while minimizing the risk of injury.

1. As you enter Lizard Pose, you’ll notice a deep stretch in the hip flexors of the leg that’s forward. For those starting with the right leg, this will be in the right hip flexors. The opposing inner thigh, your left, should also feel a stretch, signaling that you’re in the correct position.

2. While the focus might be on the right leg, your left thigh should not be forgotten. Engage this muscle to support the pose and stabilize your lower body.

3. A slight tightening in your core helps maintain balance and protects your lower back. This engagement is crucial for sustaining the pose without discomfort.

4. Any pain in the lower back is a signal to reassess your form. Flatten your back and engage your core muscles more actively. This adjustment helps in redistributing the stretch and maintaining a neutral spine.

Pay close attention to the sensations your body communicates to you. A stretch should be challenging but never painful. With these tips, beginners can confidently step onto their mats and enjoy the deep, opening benefits of Lizard Pose. Also, if you are new to the world of yoga, it’s recommended to get help from yoga instructors and do poses properly.

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