Safety Measures for Performing Lizard Pose In 2023

Lizard Pose demands a significant degree of flexibility and strength. Listen to your individual body’s signals and recognize when to modify or avoid the pose altogether. Physical discomfort should be a signal to reassess your alignment or to back out of the Lizard Pose Stretch for the day.

Certain health conditions and physical injuries necessitate avoiding Lizard Pose altogether. The deep hip flexion and required stability may exacerbate issues in the following scenarios:

Lower back sensitivity: Individuals with sciatica or chronic lower back pain might find that Lizard Pose aggravates their condition.

Wrist and hand injuries: Given the weight-bearing nature of the pose on the arms, those with wrist or hand injuries should refrain from the practice.

Post-operative recovery: If you’re recovering from procedures involving the neck, knees, feet, hips, arms, or hands, Lizard Pose could impede healing.

Shoulder instability: The pose requires solid shoulder engagement; if there’s existing instability or weakness, it might lead to strain or injury.

For those with the aforementioned conditions but still wishing to practice yoga, there are always modifications and alternative poses that can provide similar benefits without the risks.


It’s crucial to warm up appropriately, perhaps with a gentle flow through hip circles or a few rounds of Supine Pigeon and Lunges, to prepare for the depths of Lizard Pose. And as you rise from the pose, carry with you the fluidity and openness it imparts. Whether an experienced yogi or a beginner, these insights into Utthan Pristhasana will enrich your practice, bringing a sense of balance and renewal. With each session, you’ll find a greater ease in movement and an uplifting of your spirit, reflective of the pose’s dynamic nature. Prioritizing your well-being and respecting your body’s current state will not only prevent harm but also pave the way for a sustainable and enjoyable yoga journey.

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