What You Must Know Before Sharing A Home With Adult Children In 2023

In addition to the detailed rules for millennials living at home delineated above, it’s also vital to consider a few general topics.

Length of Stay

Before letting an adult child move back home, seriously consider the length of time that you’re willing to accommodate and then clearly communicate it.

There’s no “right” timeframe because families’ situations vary — financially, logistically, and emotionally. Whatever the case, dedicate serious thought to this question.

Will your physical or mental health suffer if another human upends your home routine? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about your “baby” moving back, and you hope they never leave.

Whichever side you think you fall on, give it a second and third thought. Talk to friends and family members about their opinions. They may raise points that haven’t crossed your mind.

Financial Contributions

We touched on it above, but it’s so important we’re mentioning it again. Financial contribution decisions are a big, huge deal that can make or break the arrangement.

When determining your deal, think about income and expenses. The goal is to lessen everyone’s financial burden, not create more monetary stress.

Health Considerations

Do any of you have health considerations that you must weigh? Is another person’s presence going to jeopardize you or them? Does one of you have a habit that could put the others in danger — like smoking?

If so, establish firm boundaries around these issues.

Lifestyle Conflicts

You may love each other to pieces, but you may not adore each other’s lifestyles. Music, food, and vices should all be considered and weighed.

The goal is to help each other out, not stress each other out.

Regarding these decisions, the people moving in should always be more flexible and deferential. As the old saying goes: beggars can’t be choosers.

Consequences for Breaking Rules

For rules to be effective, you need consequences.

This can get a bit tricky when adult children live with their parents. After all, you’re probably not going to kick them out if they don’t pay rent on time or are noisy at 11 p.m. So don’t be afraid to say when you’re not impressed with their behavior.

How to Communicate the Rules for Adults Living at Home

Once you’ve made the rules, it’s wise to solidify them tangibly, in writing, so everyone is on the same page. Folks do this in various ways, including:

    • Signing an agreement
  • Keeping a chore chart
  • Maintaining a group text or WhatsApp group about house issues

Living with adult children can be a rewarding experience. As long as everyone leads with respect and patience, it usually goes better than expected.

Family can be annoying, but you’ll likely look back and be glad you got to spend more time together than you would otherwise. Who knows, you may discover that you like them more than you thought.

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