5 Keys to Surviving Life’s Storms In 2023

The key to surviving the storms of life is building a solid foundation capable of  weathering even the mightiest blows. What does this foundation consist of ? Here are 5 keys to surviving life’s storms.

1. Discipline

The old saying “he folded like a cheap tent” refers to an obvious lack of personal discipline. As soon as times got tough, he was down for the count. If a person doesn’t have the willpower and mental toughness required to stay the course, then life is going to continually knock him over. Discipline is building block number one.

2. Courage

Leaders come in all sizes and shapes, but the one thing they all have in common is courage. At some point in life, they stood up with the odds stacked against them and held their ground. They did not shrink from the challenge. So does survival.

3. Maturity

In order to live a long life, it is good to be “young at heart.” However, this should not be confused with being immature and irresponsible. Society gives us no shortage of things to desire, many of them traps, and chasing those desires blindly will often lead a man to ruin. Maturity is required to do the right things that we know will keep our families protected and secure.

4. Family

Regardless of our past histories, as fathers and husbands, our utmost responsibility is to our own families. We are called to love our wives properly and raise our children with strength, conviction, and moral fortitude.

5. Friendship

“The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend” – Aristotle. Even in this age of social media when we are capable of connecting with great numbers of people, the reality of friendship still remains true. A man can count his true friends on one hand. Cherish and honor those relationships. Of all the resources we can draw upon when in need, our friends are the most valuable.

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