King Pigeon Pose: Steps And Health Benefits Of King Pigeon Pose(2023)

This is how you can do it too
  • Start with the downward dog pose and then bring your left leg forward
  • Now crossover the leg and sit on your left thigh, keep the left heel touching your right hip
  • While exhaling, bend forward extending your hands in front
  • Keep your chest resting on your left thigh
  • Now inhale and walk back with hands lifting your torso
  • Bend the right leg to bring the right foot in towards the torso
  • Hook the right foot in the right elbow and rollback shoulders away from your ears
  • Now bring the left arm up by the ear to grasp the left hand, if you are unable to this at first you can take help from a strap
  • Keep your head upright and gaze front focussing on a point

Here are the benefits of the king pigeon pose

1. It stretches your whole body

As you can see, this pose stretches your whole body. Starting from your thighs, groin and abdomen to your shoulders and neck. Since every inch of your body is getting stretched, it makes for a good full-body stretch.

2. Tones your muscles

This pose also helps in toning muscles of the hip, thighs, calves, hamstring, pelvic, chest, abdomen, shoulders and neck region. And so, you can use this pose to tone your entire body at once.

3. Stimulates organs

Your internal abdominal organs get stimulated when you practice this pose. When you do this asanas, the digestive juices are secreted and the pancreas, liver and kidney get massaged, further improving their function. Moreover, your pelvic muscles get stretched as well, improving your reproductive health.

4. It opens up your chest and shoulders

When your chest is stretched, there’s more room for the proper functioning of your lungs and heart. So, you can expect better functioning of these organs when you practice this asana regularly!

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