6 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested In 2023

Looking for ideas on getting your kids interested in reading? Then make it a family activity. Here are some ideas from The National Book Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education and Civitas.

Incorporate books into standard family games.

For example, play charades with book titles. Turn studying for a school test or book report into a  game by creating your own trivia game.

Take family outings to the library.

Have every family member check out one book. Visit the library on reading days or during other children’s events.

Start a family reading night in your family

This time should be where you can read and discuss a book together.

Kids love performing plays and drama skits for the family—why not incorporate that into their book reading?

Have them read a book, choose their favorite scene, and then recreate it for the family.

Simply read to your children.

You will both benefit from the time spent together. Even infants will benefit from listening to you read, looking at the pictures in books and spending time with you.

Encourage daily reading by having plenty of books, magazines, and newspapers throughout the house.

Set aside a few bookshelves just for children’s books and begin building up a home library for them. Keep books in the car, in your purse, and in your children’s travel bags, and encourage reading during waiting times (even outside the house, such as at the doctor’s office).

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