3 Reasons Your Kids Are Misbehaving In 2023

Every parent deals with kids misbehaving from time to time. I can remember a time one of our boys repeatedly pushed and hit his siblings with whatever he happened to have in his hand. What we came to realize was he was actually acting out in real life what he had seen in some action-packed video games and movies.

Sometimes, as parents, we think our kids are just being bad when there may be more going on under the surface that we need to address. Why do kids misbehave? While there may be many reasons for kids misbehaving, here are 3  that every parent must consider.

1. They have an irregular/unhealthy diet.

Bottom line: What kids eat has an effect on how they behave. Doctors have been saying it for years, but it’s true—healthy eating encourages better behavior.

2. They have a lack of consistent discipline.

Yes, good old-fashioned discipline still works and is a cornerstone of practical and successful parenting. Discipline may take on different forms for different families, but nonetheless, it’s needed, and consistency is key.

3. They are manipulating you.

I’ve seen it more times than I care to count. Sadly, it’s usually obvious to everyone except the parents. Kids know how to push buttons to test us and see what will happen and what they can get away with. This is often especially true in public or when others outside of the family are present. A wise parent will take notice and unapologetically win these small battles by dealing with the situation, regardless of inconvenience.

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