Kickboxing! Health Benefits Of Kickboxing In The Body(2023)

Here’s how kickboxing benefitted me in million ways

1. Weight loss: Well, isn’t this obvious? Kickboxing is actually more intense than it looks. Even if you do shadow boxing, you sweat like a pig and when you sweat like this, you are bound to shed some kilos!

2. Fab skin: Talking about sweat, we all know that when we sweat, our pores open up and become much more breathable. And I felt it was a great way to rejuvenate my skin! Plus, I did what I generally do after every workout – wash my face with cold water to ensure that the pores get closed, after my sweat sesh!

3. Muscle gain: I’m not body shaming, but I would never like the fact that my butt wasn’t visible at all. But thanks to all the kicking, I have toned the area and gained some muscles down there. It’s also because I tried this move, where I included squats and punches. Well, all I can say is I can’t thank kickboxing enough.

You don’t always need to go to the gym to build arm and shoulder muscles! 

4. Mood buster: I will call it the best outcome of doing kickboxing. I really didn’t know how to route my aggression, which is why I always ended up being rude to people. But thanks to kickboxing, now I know where to channelise my anger.

It helps me stay calmer, and I feel so good after a good kickboxing session.

5. Great sleep: I get so tired after doing all the kickboxing that I sleep like a baby. No more chamomile tea or calming music for me – just an hour’s session, and my sleep is sorted.

Well, what more do I want? Oh, I know? Now I need my boxing gloves and a sandbag to power it through. XOXO!

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