Reasons why People Are Jealous Of You

Why would someone be jealous of you?

Odds are you’ve been jealous of someone. Right? You’ve coveted someone’s money or success. But, jealousy isn’t always so obvious. Learning how to tell if someone is jealous of you isn’t as easy as seeing them turn green with envy.

You don’t need to be rich and famous for people to be jealous of you. You could be smart, have a loving partner, or just be happy. Sometimes having a positive attitude can even make someone jealous of you!

Usually, all this jealousy is linked to insecurity more than anything else.

Don’t assume someone can’t be jealous of you because you don’t have the common things that lead to envy. There is so much going on with others we don’t know, and they could even be jealous of things you actually feel insecure about.

But knowing how to read the signs someone is jealous of you will give you more answers about their feelings.

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