Dealing with A Jealous Person

Dealing with a jealous person

Now that you know the signs that someone is jealous of you, how can you deal with it? It’s always annoying when you have the green-eyed monster present in your life. Here are some ideas.

1. Compliment and encourage them

Because jealous people are insecure, you want to shower them with as many compliments as you can.

When you do that, hopefully, they will stop comparing themselves to you. Tell them how proud you are of them and their life.

2. Don’t take their bait

Jealous people will do things to try to draw you into their misery.

For example, if they’re playing the victim and being negative, just refuse to play their game. Say positive things and that you have faith in them. Don’t let them “win” the jealousy game.

3. Don’t brag in front of them

You may or may not like to talk about your accomplishments and/or what is good about your life. And that’s fine.

But if you do it in front of a jealous person, it won’t go over well. Remind them that life is not a competition, and they can do their own thing.

4. Talk to them about it

If you’ve tried everything to get them to stop being jealous, but it’s just not working, you might just have to be direct, honest, and upfront about it.

Ask them if they are jealous of you and why. If they say yes, then try to convince them that they have no reason to feel that way. Encourage them and make it positive.


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