IVF Treatment: Healthy Tips To Prepare Yourself For IVF Treatment(2023)

Tips to prepare yourself for IVF treatment

Follow these 5 tips to prepare your body for IVF treatment, according to Dr Gupta:

1. Have a well-balanced diet and good sleep routine: A healthy pregnancy necessitates lifestyle changes. A well-balanced diet rich in leafy vegetables, pulses, fruits, and iron-rich foods provides the body with the nutrients it requires. In addition, it is important to ensure a healthy sleep routine of 7-9 hours.

2. Avoid substance use: Avoid smoking, drinking or undertaking medications that can adversely impact your fertility process. Limit your caffeine intake too.

3. Exercise: Incorporate mild to moderate exercise such as walking, yoga or jogging into your daily routine. However, keep in mind to avoid excessive workouts. Too much exercise can impair your ability to release.

Exercise regularly to manage your weight.

4. Go for a health checkup: Go for a full body health assessment to determine whether you have any health issues before starting an IVF cycle because problems like endometriosis and fibroids can hamper the success of your IVF treatment.

5. Reduce stress: Make a conscious effort to reduce your stress. IVF can be stressful for couples, and with the recent pregnancy loss in the mix, anxiety is bound to rise. As a result, a solid support system is essential. Join support groups, connect with other parents who are undergoing fertility treatments and seek assistance from friends and family in times of need. Use stress-reduction techniques like meditation, yoga, and evening walks.

To conclude, IVF gives couples a chance of attaining parenthood. So, if you’re having conceiving issues, think about trying this treatment.

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