IVF Operations: Time You Should Consider IVF Operations After Miscarriage(2023)

When should you consider IVF after miscarriage

IVF treatment is not your only option available after a miscarriage. But if you face difficulties in conceiving again, you may consider IVF treatment.

Dr Gupta says, “Miscarriage is common in the first few months, and 50 percent of miscarriages occur during the first three months of pregnancy, according to the National Library of Medicine. It is important to note that a single miscarriage doesn’t mean that a woman cannot carry a pregnancy again. However, from the initial 20 per cent, the risk of another miscarriage rises to around 28 per cent after two consecutive miscarriages, and after three or more consecutive miscarriages, the risk rises to around 43 per cent. Therefore, couples who endure recurrent pregnancy losses should opt for fertility solutions such as IVF treatments.”

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