Is Your Man Down? Positive Ways To Encourage Your Man When He’s Down(2023)

How Do You Encourage Your Man When He’s Down?

Your man is down in the dumps, and you’re looking for ways to help him rise from the muck. Unfortunately, everything you’ve tried thus far hasn’t worked, and you’re starting to give up hope.

Before throwing in the towel, here are a few more ideas to consider.

    1. Send Him Encouraging Messages: A quick note of encouragement can mean the world.
    2. Plan a Getaway: Packing a bag and ducking out of town for a few days is an effective cure for the moody blues.
    3. Step Back: An earnest and unwavering desire to help partners can present as hovering, which is suffocating. In these instances, take a step back and allow your significant other to figure out their next move.
  1. Handle the Logistics: Take things off their plate for a little while. Give them the gift of time and space to get their head cleared and refreshed. However, don’t overextend yourself. Doing so will further complicate the situation.
  2. Quietly Champion Healthy Habits: Studies prove it: Eating well and exercising contributes to better mental health. But instead of hounding him about salads and jogs, make healthy meals to share and plan fun weekend activities that get you moving. Just do it. Don’t evangelize about it.

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