Is It Normal For My Boyfriend to Hit Me?

Many ladies are in abusive relationships and keep giving themselves false hope that it’s normal. Some will even go to platforms like quora and shamelessly ask the question – is it normal for my boyfriend to hit me?


Violence is never an excuse in a relationship. 


It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first time or not, once your boyfriend hits you, he will definitely do it again. 


I know relationships can be complicated. 


Yes, things may not go well with both partners. But there are more civil ways of handling issues. 


Going physical on you isn’t even an option at all. 


Okay, let me ask you this question?


What is your relationship fantasy like?


Wait! Let me answer. You want to sleep every night and wake up with your man sleeping next to you. 


You want to explore the world with him and have indelible romantic memories with them. 


If all these are what you wish for in a relationship, why are you now settling for someone who turns you into a punching bag?


If you are still asking yourself the question – is it normal for my boyfriend to hit me, then you don’t know what you want. 


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My Thoughts

You may think this is the first abuse from him. But the truth is, other types of abuse preceded physical abuse. 


Reflect back on the time you guys have been together. You will realize that your boyfriend’s abusive behavior didn’t just start. 


The criticism, name calling, and trying to influence your decisions by all means are all abusive. 


But you never saw anything wrong with it. Some may even prevent you from hanging out with your friends and family. 


You kept telling yourself that they did all that because they love you. And that they are over sensitive with their emotions. 


‘Kpele ooo Aunty sensitive’


Every act of emotional or verbal abuse is a precursor to physical abuse. 


So, once your boyfriend is verbally and emotionally abusive, you don’t need a soothsayer to know that you are in the wrong relationship. 


And several studies revealed that once a man hits you once, there’s a high chance that he will hit you again. And again, and again. 


Such violence or abusive behavior will become more severe as each day passes. 


Now back to your question – is it normal for my boyfriend to hit me? NO! It’s not normal and when your boyfriend or partner starts hitting you, it’s obvious that the relationship has become unsafe. 


It’s either you quietly leave the relationship or take a serious action about it. 


No man has the right to hit a woman in a relationship. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first time. 


If you don’t take serious action about it, he will always do it again. 


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