Is Calling A Guy You Just Met Flirting? Know If It Is In 2023


Is calling a guy ‘handsome’ the same as sending a flirty bat signal? Well, not necessarily. It all boils down to the vibes, the situation, and how well you two know each other. If you’re throwing the flattery around with a cheeky grin or a suggestive tone, then yeah, it could definitely come off as flirty.

But, in a chill, everyday scenario, it’s usually seen as just a nice compliment. So, no worries. The real key here is to keep an eye on how it’s being said and how it’s being taken. It’s all about reading the room.

Final Thoughts

Calling a guy ‘handsome’ does a lot more than just highlight his good looks. It’s a compliment packed with positivity, confidence-boosting powers, and emotional connection. So, why not spread a little joy and make someone’s day by acknowledging their handsomeness? Go ahead, make their day!

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