5 irrelevant things you should never reveal to your boyfriend

It’s important to reveal things about each other while dating. However, there are certain things that are really uncalled for that a girl should never tell her boyfriend. Though not all are dirty secrets per se, it doesn’t make it less irrelevant for the good of your relationship.

Without further ado, let’s look at 5 things you have to keep to yourself when with your boyfriend.


5 secrets you should never tell your boyfriend

  1. Your feelings for your ex

By this, I mean those that still have feelings for their ex. Why on earth will you want your boyfriend to know this if you want the best out of your relationship?

You chose to move on and presently in a working relationship, there’s no need telling the guy onboard that those feelings are still alive and active.

In order to avoid spilling this even by mistake, it’s best you avoid any discussion that will lead to your ex-boyfriend.


  1. That you find his friend cute

Telling him his friend is cute isn’t the problem here. That’s cool. However, emphasizing on this every now and then will get him really upset.

To be frank, passing such information isn’t worth it. What exactly do you stand to achieve by telling him? Learn to keep this to yourself.


  1. The craziest thing you’ve done at a party

Being in a relationship doesn’t stop you from going to a party and ever fun. However, you should ensure that what happened at the party should stay in the party.

No loving boyfriend will want to hear that you kissed a random guy during a “truth or dare game” in a night party. You had fun, cool. However, learn to keep these things to yourself. You can tell your children though (lol).


  1. That you cheated in your previous relationship

You may have a very good reason for doing it. Notwithstanding, he will be uncomfortable with this information. If you want the best from your relationship, this is one information you should put under wraps. Infidelity in a relationship is not easy to forgive and forget.


  1. That he is not actually your type

I find this information so funny. Just accept your reality, and skip this explanation. You’ve chosen a decent normal guy, so let him be. We know all ladies have a dream guy. However, if what you got isn’t what you expected, letting him know will do you both no good whatsoever.

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