Interval Cycling: 3 Ways You Can Do Interval Cycling For Toned Legs(2023)

Three ways you can do interval cycling:

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the knob that’s there on your cycle. This knob helps you tighten the paddle belt to help you increase the number of calories you burn in less time. So, adjust it accordingly.

Now, pick any form of interval cycling that you like:

1. Sitting interval cycling

In this case, you need to sit and cycle it out. If your knob is less tight, then at least cycle for 45 minutes. But, if you have tightened it to the max, then 20 minutes of cycling is a great way to burn all that stubborn fat.

This is how you have to do it – for a minute, you have to paddle at a normal pace, and for the next two minutes, you have to paddle the cycle as fast as you can. Do this alternatively.

2. Standing interval cycling

Here, you have to cycle while you’re standing. But, here your posture matters a lot. So, this is how you have to do it – stand on the paddles, put your elbows in front of the handle (don’t hunch), put your butt out, look forward, and paddle.

You have to paddle at normal speed for a minute, and for the next two-minutes, you have to paddle it out in full swing. Keep repeating for at least 30-minutes.

Ensure that your feet are flat on the paddle, otherwise you will feel the pain.

Get rid of muscle cramps with interval cycling. 
3. Sitting and standing interval cycling

Now, this is a combination of both forms, but there’s a little twist here. So, this is how you have to do it – keep an eye on the timer, and tighten your paddle the way you like. So, for 30 seconds cycle sitting on the saddle, and then stand and paddle for a minute. Then, sit again and cycle for 30-seconds, then stand and repeat it for 30 minutes.

You can devise your own timeline, when it comes to intervals. To be honest, this is the best way to lose weight.

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