Insecurity In Men? Causes Of Men Being Insure In Relationship In 2023

What Causes Men to Be Insecure in Relationships?

Insecurity stems from deep places we often can’t see.

But certain experiences and beliefs tend to feed male self-doubt:

    • Childhood emotional neglect. This type of abuse can warp self-image. If family members didn’t nurture his gifts or appreciate his uniqueness, he might believe the lies that he’s unworthy of love.
  • Past romantic failures. Events from the past, like infidelity or abandonment, can shatter trust. He may now cling to you as his sole source of self-worth.
    • Performance-based worth. He may link his value to professional success, income, status, or impressing you. Failure to “measure up” equates to failure as a human being.
  • Comparisons. He views himself as less than other men—less attractive, intelligent, and successful. Or he feels threatened by your autonomy and accomplishments.
  • Rigid gender roles. He believes masculine strength means never showing emotion or admitting weakness, so vulnerability exposes his lack of “true manhood.”

The good news?

Self awareness and your loving support can help him grow.

But he must face the roots of inadequacy himself.

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