Indoor Cycling Vs Outdoor Cycling(2023)


How is indoor cycling different from outdoor cycling?

Well, apart from the immediate difference of surroundings and environment, the benefits of indoor cycling and outdoor cycling are unique. It depends on an individual to make a choice, driven by multiple factors. Here are some of the key things that set these exercises apart and you may consider if your mind is playing ping-pong between indoor cycling versus outdoor cycling.

* Convenience: Indoor cycling is an extremely convenient exercise that you can choose to do whenever from the comfort of your home. There are no concerns about traffic and pedestrians. A cosy corner at home is enough. Whereas, outdoor cycling is best done early morning for road safety reasons unless there is a separate cycling track in your area.

* Environment: If you like the freedom of steering a bicycle in a direction or terrain of your choice, while feeling the wind in your hair, indoor cycling may not be as thrilling. It is done in a room. That also limits the choices it offers in terms of cycling on inclines and tougher terrains, which can make you push your fitness limits further.

Outdoor cycling has its own set of health benefits. 

* Weather changes: Whether it rains, hails, snows or the sun blazes on, indoor cycling is always possible! But that convenience is limited with outdoor cycling.

* Social engagement: Unless indoor cycling is done in a group, it can be an isolating exercise for you at home. Outdoor cycling, like good ol’ times, not just helps you build strength, but friendships too!

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