Improve Your Hip Mobility With These Yoga Poses(2023)

Best yoga asanas to improve hip mobility

Wondering which all yoga asanas are good for hip opening? In a video for The Yoga Institute, Dr Hansaji Yogendra shares some of the asanas you can do:

1. Trikonasana

• To do the trikonasana, stand straight with a little bit of distance between your legs.
• Raise your right hand above your head. Make sure that your right arm is parallel to your right ear.
• Bend your torso at the waist. This should be on your left side and slide your left arm down along your left leg. Do it till your fingers are at your ankle.
• Your right arm should be horizontal while your head is tilted left, and hold the pose with your knees and elbows straight.
• Inhale thene straighten yourself and stand erect.

2. Malasana

• Keep both your legs apart and join your hands, as you try to sit down.
• Your legs should be in sitting position and should be kept as far as possible so that your elbows stay inside. It should look like your elbows are pushing your feet outside. Put your whole body’s weight downwards.
• Then slowly get up.

Hip opening yoga asanas are important for emotional and physical health. 

3. Padahastasana

• Your legs have to be as close to your body as possible in namaste position.
• Hold your ankles and then try to bend forward. Try to touch your head to the ground.
• Then come back to the sitting position.

4. Pigeon pose

• Begin this asana with the downward dog pose then move your left leg forward (benefits of pigeon pose).
• Crossover the leg and sit on your left thigh. Make sure the left heel touches your right hip.
• Bend forward while extending your hands in front.
• Keep your chest resting on your left thigh and then walk back with your hands lifting your torso.
• Bend your right leg to bring your right foot in towards your torso.
• Hook your right foot in your right elbow and rollback your shoulders away from your ears.
• Bring your left arm up by your ear to grasp your left hand.
• Keep your head upright and look in front while focussing on a point.

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