Improve Your Fitness Game With These 15-Minute Full Body Workout(2023)

15-minute full body workout routine suggested by Rujuta Diwekar

1. Single leg lifts (3 sets, hold for 5 counts)

  • Lie down on a mat with your back flat against the floor.
  • Keep your arms on your sides.
  • Keep your legs straight and raise your left leg with feet up, pointing straight in the air.
  • Slowly get back on the floor.
  • Repeat with the other leg.

2. Leg lifts (3 sets, hold for 5 counts)

  • Lie on a mat with your back flat against the floor.
  • Lay with your arms on your side and legs stretched out next to each other.
  • Raise your legs, lower them a little until they are hanging above the ground, and raise them again.
  • Bring down your legs as gently.
Workout your entire body with these exercices. 

3. Chair squats (3 sets, 5 reps)

  • Stand in front of your chair, facing away from it.
  • Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, and your toes are pointing straight ahead.
  • Keep your spine neutral, and your head and chest raised.
  • Your core must be engaged, as you bend your knees, and lower your hips down and back.
  • Tap the chair with your butt, but do not sit down.
  • Do this a few times, before getting back to the starting position.

Apart from these exercises, squeeze inner thighs (3 sets, 5 counts), arm raises (3 sets, 5 reps), arm and leg raises (3 sets, 5 count hold), and do a split, holding it for a minute.

The last word

Ladies, never let time be a roadblock in your fitness journey. Because even the small efforts yield big results. So, make sure you are consistent and follow this simple 15-minute full body workout routine every day. Your body will thank you!

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