5 Impressive Things To Do Every Morning In 2023

Whether you’re a morning person or not, you have to start your day somewhere along the way.

The great thing about the morning routine or daily habits I’m about to share is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a morning bird or a night owl. This 5-step routine will help you get ready for what your day (or night) is about to offer.

#1: Wake Up And Breathe

Let’s be real; opening your eyes as soon as you wake up can be challenging for many people. However, doing breathing exercises is not. Starting your day with breathing helps improve your lung capacity and is a great awareness activity that’ll help you be more alert throughout your day.

There are plenty of breathing techniques, but I highly suggest Dirga Pranayama or 3 Part Breath for beginners. This is where you inhale–consciously and continuously from your belly, chest, and throat (hence the name)–and exhale the other way. Feel your breath rising and falling, moving in your body. And after a few minutes or so, you’ll feel more relaxed and awake.

#2: Don’t Reach For Your Mobile

Going on social media to catch up on the things that happen while you’re sleeping is incredibly tempting. However, reaching for your phone or tablet as soon as you wake up is the pitfall for an unproductive day. Believe it or not, most apps on your phone are designed to keep you from noticing time (Looking at you, Tiktok). And so, try not to look at your phone as soon as you wake up–however difficult that might be.

#3: Make Your Bed

Instead of staying in bed on your phone for a long time, stand up and make your bed. Making your bed in the morning will prevent you from going under the covers.

Therefore, you’ll be forced to do other things than lying down for who knows how many minutes or hours. Besides, going to a clean, made-up bed when you actually have to sleep is a reward waiting for you at the end of your day.

#4: Move Around

After making your bed, you might want to do some stretches or morning exercises. Moving your body in the morning will helps in improving blood flow throughout your body after being asleep and sedentary for hours.

When you exercise in the morning, it also provides a boost of energy as well as positive chemicals in your brain, making your mood brighter.

#5: Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

If you live with your spouse, a beloved pet, or another close family member, spending time together in the morning, however short it is, can instantly improve your mood for the day.

Playing with your pet, talking to your partner, or helping your kids get ready are some productive yet rewarding activities you can do in the morning.

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