Impacts Of Crisis On Decision-making In One’s Life

We are all living in an unsettling time at the moment. Our daily routines have been completely shattered and we are all unaware of when this is going to end. No one expected that a crisis of this nature would occur, taking thousands of lives and putting a stop to the world. Others around you are also feeling the same way, which may be impacting your mindset which leads to feelings of anxiety and uneasiness. This article shall look at the impacts of the crisis on decision-making in one’s life.

Shakespeare once made a profound statement that goes thus, “Sweet are the uses of adversity“. What this means is that crisis, which he referred to as “adversity“, has good uses. Sure, it may appear bad, but there’s always a good use of such a crisis.

Crisis pushes you to the wall and brings out the creativity that is lying latent inside of you. Trust me, you can’t be your best when you’re all over your comfort zone at all times. Staying in your comfort zone for too long will kill you!

The greatest persons in the world today are those that have gone through the greatest crisis. Just like John Kennedy said, “Great Crises produce great men and great deeds of courage“.

It’s just obvious that you just cannot get the best out of yourself when you don’t face challenges. Crisis builds up strength in you and that strength can’t be gotten while lying down on your couch, looking for the next ” big thing” to come to your doorstep.

Fire is the test of gold, adversity is the test of strong men“– Seneca. Well, this statement couldn’t be more true. When you go through a crisis, don’t fret or fright, just hold on and believe that your best days are ahead of you.


People tend to see a crisis as a sign of chaos and dismal. All they do is complain about it and how it will ruin their lives and all, blah, blah, blah!

You don’t need all that, did you hear me? You don’t have to nag anytime life throws a dart at you. I mean, it’s a dart, just catch it already and quit being a nagger.


Now, talking about decision-making. We’ll make decisions at some point in our lives or the other. It’s either a good or a bad one. A right or a wrong one. A saving or a deadly one. Either way, we still have to make these decisions daily.

And apparently, a lot of things do affect our decision-making process, either in a good way or the opposite way. As children when we were growing up, our parents were our major decision making, and that made life easier for us all. Just get home and you’ll see a meal already waiting for you.

But as adults that we are now, we are solely responsible for all the decisions we make. We are the sole maker of all our decisions, and even if peer influence may also play a major role, we still have to take responsibility for every action that we take in our lives.

That being said, I guess you might be wondering what crises has to do with our decision-making process, and what relationship they have in the first place. Alright, let me explain the effects of the crisis on our decisions.


Here’s a quote from the delectable, Oprah Winfrey; “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength“. How true can this statement be? Well, it’s so damn true!

Like I said earlier, you really can’t get better when you don’t confront the challenges that are in front of you. If you truly want to grow, then, you’ve got to face them all, squarely!

OK here’s the thing. When you’re in crisis, you tend to make some very good and actionable decisions than when you’re just lying flat in your comfort zone.

The best creative ideas come during a time of crisis. And just imagine you making a series of crazily good decisions in your time of chaos. You’ll be so thankful the chaos came by because you wouldn’t have been able to get better when your mind is in a latent state.

Our brain can be very adaptive you know. And studies have shown that when we do stuff that stretches the brain, it gets better not just the brain though, but our overall functioning becomes modified.

But most people don’t know the “sweet uses of adversity“, and that’s why they often freak out and lose their minds in those times. They see it as the end of their lives, so they don’t even bother trying to get themselves out of that shit-hole that they’re in.

Yes, I know that crises do come with a lot of pain and agony, but then life is not supposed to be all chicken and chips at all times. You still have to be given some sulky and horrible meal, and that doesn’t mean you have to eat such horror at all times, it’s just a season, it ain’t gonna last for long you know.

At first, you may lose a grip when the crisis struck initially, but then you don’t have to fall and stay on the damn floor. Get up and get back on your feet, ’cause that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Crisis brings out that part of you that you didn’t know existed before. If you ask me, I believe nobody is a failure, it all depends on how you face and handle the crisis that comes your way.

And you see those that keep staying and standing strong after going through many shitty things in life, they are the strongest. I mean, what else can pull them down if the crisis couldn’t?

It’s also a thing of the mind though. If you don’t have the right mindset, you still might end up making the most foolish decision in times of crisis. So, it appears that getting your mind set up rightly first, is more important.


Here’s another thing you should know. Whenever chaos strikes, just don’t freak out and go crazy because doing that will only bring more chaos your way and I know you wouldn’t want that in any way.

But then, it’s easier said than done right? It can be so tempting to wanna freak out and just fret over all that is going on, but come to think of it, will that bring solutions or more problems? Yeah, right!

You see, you can make such a sane decision in this state you are because you’re thinking right. This could change once a crisis arrives. That is why the first thing to do in times of crisis is to remain calm as possible, no matter how bad the situation may be.

This is a very strategic approach because the best ideas come to you when you’re in a calm and tranquil state. Yeah, I know I said earlier that these kinds of ideas come in times of crisis, but then you don’t expect them to come when you’re busy freaking out and thinking of how much worse things could get.

When I said the best ideas come during times of crisis, I do mean when you’re calm in a crisis, you get my point right? I’m sure you do–it’s not rocket science.

I know most of us still wonder why you have to go through any form of crisis at all. Like, you would want life to just happen without getting tough. But then, how do you grow if life is not tough on you?

You really can’t grow you know. Everything cannot be well with you at all times and yet you expect to be successful. It is either you take whatever life had to give you and turn it into something good and meaningful.

Or you can continue to whine and lay low waiting for things to change automatically. Trust me, you would wait for eternity. No wonder they often say, “When the going gets tough, only the tough get going“.

You should get tough and you should get going. Crises are not there to ruin your life, it’s only if you allow it to. They’re there to get you moving and make you think really hard about what your status quo is in life.

In summary, so in a nutshell, it’s more like I’m saying you should embrace crisis and use it for your benefit. Yes, you heard me right, accept whatever problem comes your way and then look for a possible way to solve every damn problem. And don’t always people to talk you into taking the easy way of life. The easy ways are not always the best ways, trust me. Rather look for the way less travelled and you’ll never regret it.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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