Impacts Of Badminton On Your Body And Mind(2023)

Apart from burning calories, THIS IS HOW badminton IMPACTS our body and mind:

1. Body: Playing badminton regularly can indirectly work our core, shoulders and even lower body.

2. Mind: The competitiveness can help with psychological aspects and sportsman spirit too, which might help in other fields of life.

3. Heart: Burning calories at a higher heart rate would have a positive impact on overall health, including cardiovascular and lymphatic health.

Badminton can keep your heart health happy.

According to the British Heart Foundation, the flexible pace of the Olympic sport makes it a great activity for those with heart conditions. It can contribute to keeping the heart healthy, and promote conditioning and strengthening of the heart muscle, reduce hypertension and limit the risk of blood vessels clogging.

The joint benefits of running, lunging, diving and hitting elements makes badminton an effective fat burner at approximately 450 calories per hour, as per multiple sources.

Since badminton is also a popular social game, it improves mental well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.

The constant movement also ensures mobility and agility, thereby increasing life expectancy.

So dear ladies, have you made up your mind about your next badminton game then?

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