Immunity: Helpful Guide On How To Boost Your Immunity In 2023

So how can we build our immunity?
There is no bypassing the importance of eating right. To have a strong immune system, your diet must contain ample antioxidants, micronutrients, and all essential vitamins and minerals, and most certainly enough high-quality protein.

Vitamin C is absolutely essential for a strong immunity. You can get enough of it for citrus fruits and amla. Vitamin D has a significant impact on the efficacy of the immune system. So you need to get enough sunlight every day. Beta-carotene too is a valuable protector of the immune system as it strengthens white blood cell production, your disease fighters in the body. Similarly, zinc and selenium are two minerals we must get enough of too.

You need protein too for a strengthened immunity.

Protein is composed of amino acids which are utilised by the body to manufacture antibodies that protect us against a wide range of infections.

Eating a balanced diet can help get enough protein in our diet. But it is important to ensure both quantity as well as the quality of protein.

Not all food sources of protein contain all the nine essential amino acids our body requires. Animal products supply all. So if you are not able to meet your protein needs through food, you can opt for a supplement that delivers the already half digested (predigested) proteins called hydrolysed protein.

Drink a cuppa full of haldi for good health. 

Finally curcumin that we can get from turmeric is a strong cold and flu-fighter. Has both antiviral and antioxidant properties to help your body ward off any viral infections.

Don’t let your wayward lifestyle take a toll on your health. Eat right and build your immunity to stay healthy and safe.

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