I’m Frustrated – My Husband Still Lives In His Family House

Dear Love Doctor,

I’m losing my mind. I really need to talk to someone.

My story is a long one,  but please bear with me.

My husband, myself, our two kids, his mum, younger brothers, of which one is 30 years and his younger sister stays in a two bedroom apartment that was rented by my husband’s younger brother that lives abroad.

Also, my husband’s elder sister does bring her 3 three children over every weekend. I’ve pleaded with my husband to get a house but all my pleading falls on deaf ears.

I don’t understand why a man of 34 years will be comfortable living in this kind of house.

I’ve seen my  sister-in-law’s son trying to remove my daughter’s pant and I complained to my husband and mother-in-law and they didn’t think of it as anything. One other time, I saw him touching my daughter with his penis and another time he was touching his own sister’s buttocks and that was when I summoned the courage to ask  him some questions.

He told me about all the things he used to do at home with his sister (the boy I’m talking about is just 5 years old) and also used the opportunity to give him some sex education.

Love Doctor,  to be frank you can never please my In-laws. My mother-in-law is the type of person that likes speaking bad of someone behind the person and pretends to be good in the person’s face. None of her children is well mannered, especially her daughter.

The 3 years I’ve spent here have been hell for me. I know I made a great mistake by getting married to a man like my husband and this is because he was very nice to me when we were dating. But ever since we got married, I’ve seen sides of him that I never imagined.


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Sincerely, I really want to give my husband distance but I don’t know where to start from.

I learnt sewing but my husband refused to get a sewing machine for me and now my mother-in-law intends to rent a shop and has said that I’ll be staying there with her.

Her plan is to go to village markets and buy things like fruits and vegetables then I’ll sell it and give her capital and take the profit.

I don’t really know how to turn down her offer. I know my mother-in-law very well, she would endlessly use what she did for someone to talk.

I am not comfortable with a lot of things happening here and I don’t know what to do.

Help, please!

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