I’m Confused! I Cheated On My Wife With Our Family Friend

Dear Love Doctor,


Good day, Sir. This thing I’m about to tell you has been eating me up for months.

My wife is one of the most beautiful women on earth and I don’t know what came over me.


My wife travelled for her elder sister’s marriage, I couldn’t make out time for it because I have a very demanding job. I love my wife so much but I don’t know how it happened. There is this our mutual friend, she is dating a very close friend of mine.


Two days after my wife travelled, this friend of ours who normally visits showed up at the house to check up on us. She came crying, and said her fiancé cancelled their wedding and she felt like dying.


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Like a good friend would, I tried to console her. I promised I was going to talk to him, she assured me that with what had happened it was over between them and he wouldn’t change his mind. I offered her a glass of whiskey to help calm her nerves.

I don’t know how it happened, we both got drunk, and made love severally after which she left.


Ever since we’ve been lovers.

However, she’s fully aware that I can’t leave my wife for her and it has never bothered her. According to her, I was really there for her when she needed someone.


My wife has been suspecting me because these days I now hang out with this lady often which is something I don’t do before. I feel guilty, the guilt is weighing me down, but this lady seems unbothered. She said it was better I did it with her than with a total stranger.


I really don’t have the faintest idea of how to go about this. I swore I was never going to cheat on my wife, but I can’t also stop sleeping with this lady because sex with her is different from the ones I am having with my wife.

I want to stop but I really don’t know how to stop.

Please I need advice, sir.

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